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Getting centered through yoga on Sesame Street! We do yoga with kids at Generation Thrive! http://ow.ly/7TuO2

Word on the Street: BALANCE

Episode Summary

Telly’s upset to have missed the yoga class Leela’s just finished teaching, so Rosita and Elmo offer to teach him what they learned. Yoga is a special kind of exercise from India, and the breathing and stretching feel great! 

The furry friends show Telly slow yoga breathing, then Telly tries to keep his balance as he moves into position for the special flamingo pose. But he keeps falling. Maybe he can’t balance because one of his elbows is heavier than the other? Elmo and Rosita have him hold different objects to make his weight equal on both sides, but boom! Telly comes crashing down.

Finally, Chris helps Telly practice finding his balance point, supporting his arms as he shifts his weight. It works. Ommmmm!