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Brain Lateralization

Right Hemisphere Left Hemisphere
  • Copying of designs,
  • Discrimination of shapes e.g. picking out a camouflaged object,
  • Understanding geometric properties,
  • Reading faces,
  • Music,
  • Global holistic processing,
  • Understanding of metaphors,
  • Expressing emotions,
  • Reading emotions
  • Language skills,
  • Skilled movement,
  • Analytical time sequence processing
  • Sensations on both side of face,
  • Sound perceived by both ears,
  • Pain,
  • Hunger,
  • Position
Emotions Negative emotions (fearful mournful feelings) Positive emotions
neurotransmitters Higher levels of norepinephrine Higher levels of dopamine
Grey Matter White Maatter ratio More white-matter (longer axons) on right more grey-matter (cell bodies) on the left

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**Special dedication goes to the individual who is the inspiration for my interest in this topic. My sincere appreciation goes to J.E.S.!