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Warrior Pose for Wounded Warriors: Yoga & PTSD http://ow.ly/8XrlD

Yoga has become incorporated in a number of different clinical settings. Among them are the military medical centers, such as Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, MD, which houses one of the largest rehabilitation facilities for wounded warriors in the country. Many of the active-duty military members, even without extensive physical injuries, experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) upon return from the war zones of Afghanistan and Iraq. The symptoms include depression, periodical nightmares, restless sleep, panic attacks, flashbacks, loss of memory, loss of focus, extreme tiredness, as well as alienation of the body awareness.

Including yoga in the treatment of military personnel suffering from PTSD has shown a positive effect to reduce physical, emotional, mental, and subconscious tension.  Yoga therapy allows for a combination of fitness and stress relief, while offering a non-competitive and non-judgmental environment that facilitates healing effects. Additionally, yogic relaxation, such as Yoga Nidra, uses deep breathing and meditation to further systemically affect stress relief and healing, with effects of body sensing, breath and energy awareness, experience of joy and well-being, and more.

There are great organizations out there bringing yoga to veterans. For more information, check out The Give Back Yoga Foundation, The Yoga Veterans Project, and more…


**This post is dedicated by my amazing friend Michael Boucher, who became a double amputee following an IED attack in Afghanistan, on June 12, 2011. Michael has been an inspiration to me way before he became a Marine and took on the journey to make a difference in the world. Following his injuries, he has persevered in the most courageous ways by pushing himself to the edge and conquering what may have seemed impossible, such as skydiving, hand-cycling marathons, mono-skiing at the X-Games, etc. Michael has turned every obstacle into a victory and I am so proud of all of his hard work, as it is a lesson for the rest of us to keep pushing and not taking no for an answer.

Please bring awareness and support an organization Team X-T.R.E.M.E. who honor, empower, and motivate wounded warriors. Michael is one of their Warrior Athletes.

Michael, I am so grateful and honored for your presence and the lessons you are teaching me and many more through your courage, honor, and love. You are a blessing! Love, Tijana