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“Breast is BEST!”

This phrase has stuck with me from the first time I heard it in the classroom, and it cannot be more true. So to help you understand why that is the case, here are the reasons why breast milk is the ultimate food for a baby:

  • FATS – most important for growing brain & body
    • Rich in brain-building Omega-3’s, esp. DHA and cholesterol
    • Adjusts to infant’s needs where levels decline as baby gets older
    • Contains lipase, fat-digesting enzyme
    • Absence may predispose a child to adult heart and central nervous system diseases
    • Rich in brain & body building proteins: easily-digestible whey, growth factors & sleep-inducing proteins
    • Lactoferrin for intestinal health
    • Lysozyme, an antimicrobial
    • Formula: contains casein curds from cow’s milk and may cause allergic reaction
    • Rich in lactose and oligosaccharides for brain development and promote intestinal health
    • Rich in living white blood cells, immunoglobulin, and antibodies IgA, IgE, IgG, IgM, and IgD
    • Rich in highly bio-available iron, zinc, calcium, selenium (an antioxidant)
    • Rich in digestive enzymes: lipase and amylase for intestinal health
    • Rich in hormones: thyroid, prolactin (for formulation and production of milk), oxytocin (“cuddle hormone”), and more for overall biochemical balance and well-being

More information on breastfeeding to follow soon HERE!

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Yours in health, Dr. Tijana