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Fermented food is in many ways the complementary union of cooked and raw, and  has been utilized in both medicine and nutrition for the promotion of health & wellbeing. Fermentation is able to preserve and even amplify the benefits of raw foods with enzyme activity, vitamin content, and life energy, without digestive challenges of enzyme inhibitors, antinutrients, and lectins. Furthermore, fermented foods overcome the adverse consequences of cooking (enzyme destruction, vitamin activity degradation, oxidized fats, and denatured proteins), while still benefiting from the enhanced digestibility and assimilation that certain cooking applications offer.

The scientific evidence supports the value of fermented foods, and the list includes:


Organic Raw Kombucha

The process of fermentation generates an entirely novel set of nutrients and medically important phytocompounds, utilizing the beneficial bacteria or enzymes within our gut go to work to break down antinutrients and producing a new set of metabolic byproducts, that are  indispensable ingredients in attaining and maintaining optimal health.

The modern technology of today leads us to microwaving, cooking, frying, dehydrating, and spraying of our foods, so we should focus on breathing life into our foods, by cooperating locally to produce and support the producers of organically grown food, sharing of raw cultures, and becoming  intimately involved with the quality of the food we consume.

Nourishing Tradition is a wealth of information with great recipes and suggestions for fermented foods.

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