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The question of health and wellness is a common one as many strive toward being more healthy and feeling better. There are a few fundamentals that are commonly recommended by health care practitioners across the board.

Here are how you can take small steps on the road to better health today:

Food: eat simple & well. 

With so many different diets and eating options out there today, it can be overwhelming and even confusing on what the best option is for YOU. So instead getting wrapped up in a particular way of eating food, let’s focus on what kind of food to eat. Eating REAL food in moderation is the key. Trying to stick to whole foods – fresh, local, seasonal, unprocessed, free of preservatives, and organic if permitting – that you are preparing yourself, which is going to allow to control any excess additives and chemicals. Keeping the food as close to its original state and without harmful additions will allow the body to receive the highest nutritional value and maintain a non-inflammatory state in the body.

Exercise: get physical. 

Working out involves changing the cardiovascular and energetic state of the body,and detoxifying, which all equals out to sweating. Personally, I am a huge yoga enthusiast, and whether in class, at home, or on top of a mountain, I always break a sweat during an asana practice. Recently, I took up running, which is very new for me, but sweating is certainly a part of that. So whatever type of exercise you choose, it is important to move your body, change your energy level, do it safely to prevent injury and/or strain, and break a sweat, for at least 30 minutes 3-4 times a week.

Meditation: being, not doing.

In a world where accomplishment is measured by how much one does, it can be a challenge to slow down the engine. The word “meditation” may even create a certain abstract perception of what exactly it means to meditate. The only point to is is to slooooow down, sit for 10-15 minute, and “be” with yourself. “Be” with yourself?! Doesn’t that sound like a foreign concepts?! Being means is to simply unplug from the surroundings, without asking, wanting, judging, evaluating, or meditating. So sit quietly, alone, still, and just be yourself in self-observation for a short time period. You can follow your breath to keep your focus or not. You may notice a steadier and calmer mind and body.

Excitement: juiciness of life.

Being excited about life can be very rewarding as our minds are bombarded with a lot of unnecessary noise each day. So having the ability to find enthusiasm and excitement in the everyday – life, work, errands, obstacles, exercise, and much more – can be refreshing and empowering.  It creates extra room in the mind for clarity and a little pep-in-the-step. So go forth and lighten your way through life!

Sleep: get enough.

Sleep is a vital time when the body is healing and repairing itself. This time period is crucial in reducing the oxidative damage that accumulates during the day as a natural by-product of the metabolism and leads to the process of aging. To achieve better quality of sleep, do something to quiet the mental or physical noise in the body that has you tossing and turning; so stretch, breathe, meditate, pray, say a mantra, do a headstand, put your feet up the wall as you lie on your back, drink a warm cup of tea, or whatever works for you.

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Be healthy & happy, Dr. Tijana

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