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We live in a world of less-than-ideal nutrition, sedentary lifestyles, intense stresses, and high toxicity in the body and mind. Living in a such environment,  digestion problems are not uncommon. Not being able to eliminate regularly (at least once a day), diarrhea, constipation, inability to digest food, tummy aches, food sensitivities and/or allergies are just some of the concerns that can be experienced.

There are some simple things one can do to create and maintain a healthy and happy guy every day from inside out:

Get your move on. A sedentary lifestyle shuts down digestion. Introducing at least 20 minutes of some movement  into your daily life is essential, like walking, yoga, running, jumping jacks, dancing, or whatever else moves you vigorously.

Eat your whole foods, especially fiber. Real whole foods like vegetables, fruits and nuts are packed with fiber, giving your gut something to digest and burn into fuel. Any food processed and packaged does nothing more than clog you with unnecessary additives and chemicals.

Drink half your weight in water ounces. Hydration is important in order to keep the food’s macro- and micro-nutrients moving along the digestive track. Increasing the water intake while eating a lot of fiber in your fruits and vegetables will keep your digestion and elimination regular.

Keep your microflora nourished. Good gut flora is essential and can be accomplished with the right bacteria. Regularly consuming fermented products (kefir, yoghurt, kombucha tea, etc.) can be very helpful. Also, using probiotics with live cultures (refrigerated is the best option) will help introduce beneficial bacteria to the gut, but do not use them any longer than 3 months at a time, in order to allow the body to make the bacteria on its own.

Keep the chemicals to a minimum. We expose our bodies to a number of toxins each day, especially “controlled substances,” such as alcohol, caffeine, gluten, and tobacco. Damaging the gut and its flora with these chemicals will shut the system down. So try to reduce these toxins to a bare minimum, if they cannot be completely avoided.

Learn to relax your body and mind. The gut has a very strong connection to the brain and is even called “the second brain.” It is responsible for producing 90-95% of seratonin, which regulates  mood, appetite, sleep, memory and learning. The digestive system can be very sensitive to anxiety and tension. Take 5 minutes of time to sit quietly, breathe into your soft lower belly, and allow your system to calm down. The difference will be significant in how your digestion is working.

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Be healthy & happy, Dr. Tijana

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