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Work day schedule can be a hectic time, as most people do not have enough time to eat or do not do so mindfully. To avoid sitting in one chair all day without proper nutrition, here are some suggestions on how to make a simple transition to a healthy 9-to-5 food schedule:

Coffee talk. Avoiding coffee and other caffeinated beverages may me the first action step. Caffeine induces a quick jolt of energy that fades over time, while creating a dependency. It can affect concentration and productivity at work, as well as may lead to fatigue once the buzz wears off. Caffeine is an irritant to the stomach and acts as a diuretic, which may lead to bloating and dehydration. A way to add some pep in your step in the morning and throughout the day is to drink water to increase hydration and eat a piece of fruit, such as an orange, for some extra energy and vitamins.

Snack healthy. Keeping snacks, such as veggies, fruit, nuts, hummus, peanut butter, and dried fruit can help keep the blood sugar levels stable. This helps control portions at lunchtime and make better food choices throughout the day. Snacking in the afternoon also keeps the energy up and satiated until dinner. Even without a luxury of a fridge at work, you can keep a small cooler stocked with smaller portions of healthy snacks, whole fruits and vegetables.

Choose your meals wisely. If you are eating out at breakfast and/or lunch, go for healthier options with more fresh, whole greens, a lean protein, and overall less processed foods. Avoid foods with a lot of additives and sugars. The best option is to bring food from home as you can control what ingredients are used.
Drink water. Staying hydrated is important to maintain higher energy levels and preventing hunger pangs that may actually be signs of dehydration.
Get moving. The more you move the more energy you will have, especially if you are feeling tired or sleepy. Getting up, walking around the office or even outside in the sunlight will improve circulation, warm up the muscles, and give you a little energy boost. Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator; park the car further in the lot; or switch out your chair for a stability ball.
Socialize. Connecting with people at the office throughout the day can help you reduce stress and promote happiness. It will also give you a reason to get out of your chair. It also promotes team buildings and overall sense of well-being.
Create satisfaction. Setting goals for yourself allows you to work hard on accomplishing the tasks you have set out for yourself. This creates a sense of motivation to reach the goals you have set and tackling the next one. Rewarding yourself for the work you do is important for increasing confidence and mental well-being.

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