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The daily lives can keep everyone hustling and bustling on autopilot consistently. Each day is filled with a packed schedule, work, school, and social activities, for people of all ages. Taking the time to enjoy the beauty and miracles in the simple things can easily be overlooked. The idea of finding some quiet each day may seem more like a chore, but it is necessary to maintain a sense of balance.

We may not always have a full hour for meditation, but a few simple steps to infuse our day with a little quiet and calm may be easily manageable. So here are some suggestions:
Turn off the phone. Allowing ourselves at least 20 minutes, where we give ourselves a break from the constant ability to be in touch will help one refresh. Listen to the breath, allow the thoughts to wander off, be mindful of the reaction to the quiet, and just allow it to happen. It can done on the drive home, on a walk with the dog, when we first wake up in the morning before the day fully begins.

Declare an intention. Creating an intention will infuse the whole day with a sense of purpose and it may shift the perspective for the whole day. Being open to the possibility is important and will arise naturally when we allow it. Setting our mind with a positive affirmation first thing in the morning will make the rest of the day a little bit lighter. We can start with something easy, such as “Just enjoy,” “Breathe fully,” “Smile more.”
Meditate. Creating a time-space in the day to just be present is important.  Meditation does not always have to occur for an hour, on a yoga mat, with lighted candles, eye closed, and soft music. Creating a certain expectation about what meditation should be sometimes keeps us from just allowing for the time to just sit, enjoy the quiet, and be. The results may be surprising.
These practices take time, patience, and compassion. Cultivate this time for yourself, allow yourself to enjoy your own company and the gift of the present moment. Remember to be gentle!

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Be healthy & happy, Dr. Tijana

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