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This is an interesting anecdote that has been getting a lot of attention on my FaceBook page, but it makes a very valid point on how our priorities when it comes down to our health may be skewed some. Gaining and maintaining optimal health is within your reach.


“But Doctor, my health insurance won’t pay for my chiropractic care without a referral from my medical doctor.”

Your car insurance doesn’t pay for oil changes, but you do them anyway because you know they’re what’s best for your car. Your health insurance doesn’t pay for a gym membership, supplements, bottled water or healthy foods, but many people do those things anyway because they know it’s what’s best for their bodies. The same is true with chiropractic care.

In order to have optimal health, you must have a clear neurological connection between your brain and all the parts of your body. And because the spine and nervous system are so intimately connected, the only way to have that clear brain-body connection, that allows optimal health, giving you the best possible chance at living an optimally happy and vital life, full of purpose…is to have an optimally aligned and functioning spine – and THAT is what chiropractors do!

We help you regain and maintain optimal spinal health, so that you can BE your best, and GIVE your best!

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Be healthy & happy, Dr. Tijana

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