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Beautiful skin start internally by keeping the body healthy and strong from inside out. Our bodies can be taxed by poor eating and lifestyle habits, and environmental pollutants. If the body is well nourished with all of the appropriate nutrients, the skin will be radiant and healthy. However, if the body lacks these vital nutrients, the skin will reflect that with signs of stress and aging. In addition, some of the beauty products may contain harmful chemicals and threaten long-term health and beauty.

Here are some suggestions for remedies on how to accomplish beautiful, healthy, and balanced skin from inside out:
Nutrition: Eating a diet rich in fatty acids, minerals, and green leafy vegetables is important to maintain the right balance of nutrients with plentiful fiber and water. Eliminating sugar, gluten, dairy, and processed food products help decrease inflammation and acidity in the body. This combination of dietary choices helps maintain a healthy digestive system and support proper elimination, which allows for an active metabolism, increased energy levels, and beautiful skin. Consider green juices that purify kidneys, clean the blood, increase the alkalinity in the body, get rid of acidic waste, and hydrate the body on a cellular level, which all lead to radiant skin and health. Limit caffeine and alcohol consumption as they significantly dehydrate the body.
Hydration: Keeping the body well hydrated inside and out is important to keep the cells moisturized. Drinking enough water is essential. In addition, keeping the living environment humidified decreases the tendency for dry skin and scalp, even nasal passages.
Skincare products: Choose products that do not contain chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrances, and harsh abrasives. Maintaining a delicate moisture balance is important not to dehydrate skin’s barriers, so avoid any product that contains alcohol, glycerin, benzoyl peroxide, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), and BPA. Consider using products that contain naturally-occurring fruit acids or enzyme, which allow for a better absorption of topical antioxidants and humectants.
Exercise: Moderate physical exercise each day increases blood flow to the skin, the brain, and the organs of the body, which results in a beautiful flushed complexion and glow, as sweating eliminates toxins. It also helps improve sleep, which encourages regeneration of body’s tissues.
Shower routine: Before bath time, consider dry brushing to remove dead skin cells and increase circulation and stimulate the removal of toxic through the lymphatic system. Also, use lukewarm water and not spending prolonged time in the shower or bath. Alkalizing water filters for the whole house, especially for the shower, are a great way to change the skin’s pH and decreasing dryness.
Mediation: Creating a daily practice to decrease stress in your life is a great way to rejuvenate the mind and body. Meditation, breathing exercise, and yoga all promote diaphragmatic breathing, increased blood flow, and mental and physical rejuvenation to the whole body system.
So before using a new skincare product, consider nourishing your body from inside out in order to allow you body and spirit to shine through without the additional layers. Spend some time on yourself by feeding your body, mind, and spirit each day, and your skin and body will reflect the self-care you offer to yourself.

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Be healthy & happy, Dr. Tijana

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