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20131010-194541.jpgTo maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise must be a part of your regimen. But working out doesn’t come as easily to some people as it does to others. Some people have created a habit from a young age as athletes in school, while others were not in the same mindset. So similarly to other aspect of one’s life, exercising can be simply a matter of creating a habit.

Personally, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with exercise for years. Growing up in Europe, an active lifestyle of lots of walking, biking, and regular physical education classes were just part of life. So when we moved to the US, these parts of our lives changed, which meant that exercising was a much more involved process as it required going someplace to do a specific activity. I found going to a workout gym uncomfortable, but sooner or later, I started going to yoga classes, which seemed less intimidating and enjoyable, while also getting a great workout. Over the years, I also really enjoyed getting outside, taking hikes, long walks, and swimming.

Most importantly, over this time, I’ve learned the importance of regular physical exercise and have chosen to incorporate it into my life, for my own health and well-being. But it also allows me to talk to my patients about it. So here we go!

20131010-194510.jpgLet’s talk about some of the reasons for why you should strap your shoes on today and just get out:

1. For better health: A number of studies have shown a reduction in lifestyle-related illnesses, and even deaths, among people who exercise, such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and more. Even 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day makes a significant difference.

2. For LESS stress: Exercise is a great way to reduce physical and mental stress in the body, as you increase the amount of oxygen that you are getting to your brain and muscles. At first, the rewards may not be immediate, but if you give it 3-6 weeks, you will be able to note an increase in the “feel good” hormone, serotonin, as your stress levels and even your mood improves. Your emotional state, including anxiety and depression, may see a change for the better naturally.

20131010-194052.jpg3. For a speedy metabolism: Your metabolism account for the quantity of calories you burn each day and how quickly that takes place. Strength training helps you do this more efficiently as it builds muscle mass, burning calories while the body is resting. If strength training sounds intimidating (I know it did to me), there are ways to do it without lifting a lot of weight in a gym. You can use your own body weight, smaller weights at home, and machines.

4. For a vibrant future: Exercise has been shown to help create neural connections in your brain that sharpen thinking and decrease fatigue, which are extremely important as we age and our cognitive abilities start decreasing. As the brain is getting more stimulation and oxygen, so does the rest of the body to help decrease the muscle loss, also accompanied with the aging process. As a result, exercise will keep you strong and independent physically and mentally for longer.

20131010-194058.jpg5. For a higher self-esteem: When you are fit, you look better, which makes you feel better and makes you feel and BE more attractive to others. Regardless of your relationship status, you will look and feel your best for yourself and your partner, that can open the door to a long and happy future.

So let’s vow to leave the laziness, busy schedules, and other excuses at the door, and go out and exercise! It’s okay to start out small and work your way up. Get inspired and then some. Create a habit of even 30 minutes a day. Add a few pounds of weights or do planks in between commercials of your favorite TV show. Like Nike says, just DO IT!

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Be healthy & happy, Dr. Tijana

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