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20131010-203052.jpgExercising and working out can be a difficult task when you have zero motivation. We are all well aware that we should move each day. We know it’s good for us for many reasons, for the heart, brain, mood, weight loss, and more. Getting the started can be a true struggle.

20131010-202555.jpgShifting the perspective is the key to conquering the challenge of starting a new exercise regimen or maintaining a current one. Your body depends on you to keep it healthy and strong.

So here are some tips on getting a successful start and sticking to your guns:

Let your intention will pave the way. Why are you working out? What are you trying to get out of your workout? Be clear about what you want for yourself. Determine how you want to feel. Want to boost your confidence? Want to achieve a certain goal or milestone? Want to feel proud of your accomplishment? Want to feel strong? Determine your desired feeling and embody it before even getting out of the door. This will allow you to tap into motivation that will last for the short- and long-term goals.

Choose your mantra. As you head out the door, think of a phrase, formula, meditation, to keep you focused and maintain you motivated when the going gets tough. Make sure that your mantra is aligned with your intention and desired feeling.

Allow yourself to be empowered in order to stay positive and keep on going.

20131010-202604.jpgGive yourself the necessary rest. We often forget that the rest is essential in order to allow for everything we did during the workout to set in. The muscles actually grow during the rest, and not while you’re doing the work. Allowing yourself to rest will keep you from fatiguing, getting injured, or getting sick. Slow down your work out, throw in a little breathing meditation, spend a slower day in nature, or just take a day off. It will be ok! Make sure to remember that your movement of choice is meant to create a better version of YourSelf.

20131010-202613.jpgBe good to YourSelf. Leave the negative talk elsewhere. Silence your inner critic. Offer some loving kindness to YourSelf. Remember your intention. Embody your intention. Believe in Yourself. Enjoy the movement. Do it again tomorrow!

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Be healthy & happy, Dr. Tijana

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