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Being in the oral health aisle at the health food store can be a bit overwhelming as you are trying to figure out the best choice for yourself and your family. With or without fluoride? What about chemical additives, sugar, and MSG? Definitely the one without the alcohol! Do you want the one for whitening, refreshing, or any other typical dental health tag line?! Plus add the price tag of $8-10 per bottle! You have your hands full; I know I do!

So how about a natural alternative using water with a few essential oils?! If you follow my blog, you know I use Young Living Essential Oils in my home and my holistic chiropractic practice. While Young Living catalog has The Thieves Mouthwash, you can also try this recipe!

Natural Mouthwash:
In a 18 oz. of water, add 
3 drops of Lemon Essential Oil
3 drops of Thieves Essential Oil Blend (this is a Young Living specific blend; you can also use clove, which is a component of the Thieves Essential Oil)
3 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil
and mix to combine well. You can leave the premixed combination by your sink and shaking it before each use. You can adjust the taste of the mouthwash to your liking with either more oils or more water. 
You can also prepare it each time before you swish with 1 drop of each oil in 6 oz. of water. 

Have you tried this or another version? Please share your recipes, suggestions, or any requests!

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Be healthy & happy, Dr. Tijana

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