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The winter months are only getting chillier and more people are battling a cold or a flu. A few weeks ago, I shared some helpful tips on taking care of yourself or your children throughout the uncomfortable time. Here’s another Essential Oil remedy to help stay as comfortable as possible while you heal and your system is back to a normal state of function.

For this and other Essential Oils recipes I share, I personally use Young Living Essential Oils and highly recommend them,especially since a lot of them can be ingested. But you can also use others and make sure that they are from reputable sources and are organic.

Personally, I have tried this recipe and it works wonderfully.

Cold & Flu Remedy

For one serving, combine:
4 Drops of Lemon
4 Drops of Thieves
3 Drops of Oregano
2 Drops of Melaleuca Alternifolia
2 Drops of Frankincense
4 Drops of V-6 Oil or olive oil or coconut oil

I multiplied the recipe several times, put it in an empty essential oil bottle with a roller ball on top, and applied it to my feet, which works great for adults and children.

Try it out and share what you think! Also, share your remedies in the comments below!

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Be healthy & happy, Dr. Tijana

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