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I am always on a search for a healthy snack to have on hand both at home and on the go. So after chatting with Dr. Robin, I decided to try out roasted chickpeas. I looked around the internet for some suggestions and tried it myself.

Garbanzo beans (chickpeas) are also high in nutritional value: manganese, folate, copper, phosphorus, protein, iron, zinc, and dietary fiber for blood fat regulation, digestive support, and control of blood sugar and insulin secretion.

This recipe is so simple and delicious that it’s sort of unbelievable. I encourage you to try it today for a little healthy snacking yumminess!


1 can of chickpeas (garbanzo beans)
1 tablespoon of olive oil
1/4 teaspoon of sea salt
any combination of spices

Preheat the over to 400°F and place the rack in the middle. Rinse and drain the chickpeas, place them on a cutting board on top of a paper towel and pat them very dry with another paper towel. Once the chickpeas are very dry, toss them with oil, salt and spices. I used a little bit of cayenne pepper, cumin, coriander, and nutmeg, but you can choose either sweet (cinnamon and little brown sugar) or spicy (curry or a variety of peppers). Place the coated chickpeas on a baking sheet and bake for about 30 minutes. I rotated them a bit after 15 minutes and let them finished roasting. Once done, they should be crunchy on the outside, but still soft on the inside, and yummy all around!

Share in the comments below and let us know what you think of this recipe or if you have one of your own to share!

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Be healthy & happy, Dr. Tijana

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