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I have had the distinct pleasure of working with a little girl named Eliora, Rora as many know her, her brother Asher, and her family, at my healthy.BEing office. She is a sweet & loving baby girl who constantly spreads sunshine. She also happens to have spina bifida along with other related and unrelated conditions.

So in an effort to to help support Rora’s current medical needs, there is a brand new, amazing campaign to help raise funds for this wonderful little girl (and her friends) & her ability to stand! There are tons of benefits to being upright – cognitive development, social development, bowel/bladder benefits, and so much more. All of these are applicable to Eliora and we know that standing will do so much for her. And imagine how “walking”, no matter how assisted, will help her with various areas of development.

20140330-123815.jpgHave you all heard of the Upsee by Firefly? This would be an amazing way to help Rora stand and make strides physically and cognitively. The Upsee is going to cost around $500 and it’s going to be released in the US on April 7th,only a week away. The special needs community in the US is so excited – and very thankful that a mama turned her dream into a reality. The goal is to raise $1000: one for Eliora and one for another child, or multiple children, that could really benefit from this super awesome equipment.

One of the ways to help raise the funds is to be a part of a special mini photo-session with two lovely friends, Heather Goodbread of Heather Goodbread / Photographer and Doula and Lovereen Moore of Lovely Portraits & Fine Art have collaborated and put together a little local shindig to help raise funds for the Upsees. Your participation of $100 gets you a mini session (themed around Eliora’s favorite things: babywearing, playing, dressing up) that includes digital files AND a custom silhouette portrait painting. Only 10 slots available. Happening this Thursday, April 3rd in Kennesaw, GA! 
The value of this is over $150, so you save some money and 100% of the funds go directly toward the Upsees.

So please help in this effort by participating in this mini-session or giving generous through donating via PayPal at raising4rora@gmail.com! If nothing else, please share this post (or series of posts) as a big help with much appreciation.

Photo: PART 1: Sooo... it's been almost 6 months. And that's a pretty long time when you're a little girl, so I'm sure you can imagine that Eliora has changed quite a bit since October!</p><br />
<p>And the changes have been for the better. Waaaay better. Most of last year was... not fun, to put it lightly. There were some dark times where we really could not see how things would get better. And then suddenly, very suddenly, they did. And I really have to thank God for that.</p><br />
<p>I could bore you with a month-by-month recollection of Eliora's happenings, but instead I'll just tell you the really exciting things she's been up to.</p><br />
<p>1. She's eating. She's a picky eater, but that's because she's a toddler - 2 years old!</p><br />
<p>2. She got her first set of leg braces! Super cute purple AFOs that help her stand.</p><br />
<p>3. Just this week, she said her first word - ball. <3</p><br />
<p>4. She waves hello and goodbye!</p><br />
<p>5. She feeds herself and is starting to INTENTIONALLY move her left arm (whaaaat).</p><br />
<p>6. She is playing with toys as they are intended to be play with. Meaning, she puts a toy phone to her ear. She hugs a baby doll. She tries to push buttons because she knows they'll make noise.</p><br />
<p>7. The other day, she picked up a sippy cup and drank out of the straw on her own.</p><br />
<p>The support you all provided us through the Raising for Rora raffle has lasted a VERY long time. We were able to buy her Orgain and Functional Formularies Liquid Hope, afford the gas to and from therapy, and buy her miscellaneous necessities. I have no idea what we would have done without the outpouring of love from every single one of you. <3</p><br />
<p>After all of this time, why am I posting now? It would be disingenuous of me to not admit that I am posting here for not only an update (though one has been loooooong overdue), but for a little help (for a want, not a need - just being honest).</p><br />
<p>To be real - Eliora is pretty much set. She's getting what she needs, she's taken care of, she's doing awesome. God really is so, so good. We're having some drama with her stander, but that's a story for another day. But really, she's good to go.</p><br />
<p>But there's ooooone little thing that we'd love to try to get her, so I'll be posting PART 2 to this post in about 20-30 minutes with more details.</p><br />
<p><3 Priscila

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